Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cowboy Small still rides the Range

Originally published in 1949, Lois Lenski's 'Cowboy Small' remains a delightful tale beloved of children worldwide. With his horse Cactus, the diminutive Wild West character greets his readers under the Bar S Ranch sign. Cowboy takes good care of Cactus, who helps him get work done around the ranch, rounding up cattle for branding, and generally they live the good life. At night, Cowboy sleeps in the chuck wagon, sings with his friends, and sleeps under the stars. In short, easily-read stanzas, accompanied by Lenski's captivating illustrations, the daily life of the ranch is made clear to her readers. The book also includes a section which explains the equipment used by horse and cowboy, which features images of attire and equine gear. Lenski wrote and illustrated more than ninety books for children, and won many awards during her long career. This edition, with its cloth cover and charming image of Cowboy Small and Cactus dates from the 1950's.

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