Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Simon Costin's Museum of British Folklore: The Adventure Begins

Preparations are now well underway for Simon's national tour of UK folk festivals (see earlier post for tour dates). These ghostly images show the designs for Costin's 1976 Castleton caravan being applied in advance of the paintwork which will transform the bodywork into the fantasmagorical roadster that will be appearing at a town near you from May to September. The work is being skillfully undertaken by Scena, the renowned production company based in South London, and the end result promises to be as unique as the creator of the Museum itself. The interior of this splendid vehicle will be custom-fitted out as a mobile taster for the delights to come, with specially commissioned artefacts, objects from established folk collections and items from Costin's own extensive collection, as well as work from contemporary artists such as Jonny Hannah (responsible for the museum's logo and corporate look), Mark Hearld and others. Simon himself will be especially kitted-out for the tour, with hats by internationally-respected milliner Stephen Jones-currently enjoying success with his wonderful exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, and with outfits by Jenna Rossi-Camus (see right). Watch for regular updates on the progress of Simon's tour, and for news of a permanent home for the Museum of British Folklore.


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